Thursday, April 21, 2016

Current Life

Salam...Happy Fri-Yay :D as some of you know, now my life quite hectic dah stay Senawang but working in everyday naik bus, berulang tiap2 hari :( penat jgn cakapla coz everyday pi balik kena rush kejar bus coz cpt full & if lambat...lambatlah sampai umah or x sampai2 :D tu yg skrg dok cari gakla keje yg dkt2 skit..area seremban ke...senawang ke...or at least nilai or cyberjaya..yg boleh drive jer...everyday will be facing same prob...tepat 5.30 pm, shoot p lrt ke CM & berkejar lak ke bus yg parking dkt2 ktm tu...kaki yg 2nd hand ni pn rasanya dah teroverused...opps 2nd hand coz my right ankle nih, ligamet tear (totally tear) time jatuh tangga dulu..about 3 @ 4 years back kot...b4 ni just wat fisio & inject steroid je coz xnak operate huhuhuh now, hambek...nak ops skrg x cover byk mcm kat Maybank dulu T_T so hadap je lor :( lagipun leceh operate ni, nanti sape nak handle my parents :( btw now i'm staying with my parents merangkap jadi penjaga dorang...sape lagi nak harap...muka nih je laaa.....kdg2 sian kat dorang mcm xde anak lain..but nak wat camner...but kdg2 stress gak coz my life dah x happening mcm dulu2 :( jarang sgt dpt hang around dgn my friends..coz if p berjimba, sape lak nak tgk2 depa..sebab dah la mon til friday dah keje..p awal pagi balik weekend je yg dpt entertain parents..bwk ke mana2 drg nak my own time is soooooo limited :( tu yg kdg2 if nak jumpa gak member...sabtu kena make sure entertain parents hbs2...then ahad kuar dgn member...then mon keje balik..uwaaaaaaaa mmg penat but what to do? isk dok bebel lak kan...nnti sambung..lps nih citer2 sedih lak.. T_T..


Monday, April 18, 2016



After soooo long, only today i found my blog again hahahhhhaah pity huh? or seems too bz  all these while, so couldn't find time to blog?heheh Anyway, Happy 2016..after few years since my last post....baca balik post lama2 mcm seronok je..happening sungguh those times eventough too bz with my works...Now, my life is completely different..but not 100% diff thing, only my status is the same hihihi still single n available (is it?) (",) best gak, seems its my blog, so i can write anything i like...just like open diary..but need to stop now kot coz tengah keje :D will continue later....

Saturday, August 11, 2012

finally.... really happened! what can i say? but seriously, i hate hypocrite & "lalang" ppl! it keeps haunting me...since PJ time..till now, drama x hbs2...! why? now, when it happened, those "bitches" will absolutely feels happy...confirmed! to YOU, so sorry...i've done it...i've gone thru it since long time ago..hurt enough...but u still, nothing much i can do...have to let go again! abt NOV...still thinking abt it....worst come to worst...i;ve to let it go too...ermmm adios!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

it happened happened! for d 4th time! how do i feel?ermm mixed feelings....sad, of course sad but tawakal..serah diri pada Allah..doa byk2..then, i feel calm:-) let me see, for how long this could be stay..i mean, silent treatment....i hope i could be strong! it really hurts me...i know i've made a wrong decision to give another chance...but haih! it really hard to say! ya Allah...Kindly Give me d strength!

Monday, May 28, 2012

makin hari..makin.....

Erm...don't how to describe..Makin Hari..Makin.....afraid of the reality but so far..don't know whether nih sume ada lah hasil berkat Doa or just Dugaan for me? xtau whether nih yg terbaik...or sebaliknya:( apa2pun, makin hari makin syg! but...realitinya?? Hanya Allah yg tau :(

Saturday, March 24, 2012


it's d 3rd time already! letting go..then it comes back! how?? what does it mean? haih....really waste my time! but d 3rd time...really meant it...succeed but now?Ya Allah...tlg beri petunjuk & yg terbaik utk diriku! Penat dah sbnrnye...& tolong lah kuatkan semangatku..moga2 x jadi utk kali ke-4! :(((

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Letting Go!

I've let "z" go...i have to...In d process of letting "z" go...Ya Allah...please guide me & make me strong! I have to.... after 4 it's d time..d best time...arghh:(